Marketing – Whether you’re advertising on television, building your first website page with video clips, or looking to spice up the brochure you hand out at trade shows and conventions; we will provide assistance from scriptwriting to still photography and print layout, to producing top-quality streaming or broadcast video. We provide the tools for marketing your business across town, and around the world.  Print, video, DVD, or interactive… We’ll guide you in discovering which works best for you.

Training - We provide the tools for training new and experienced employees. Sure, you can get Phil from the warehouse to show the new guy how to do a job.  But how do you know that Phil is doing it the way you want him to?  Or that he’s meeting minimum safety standards?  Who’s going to do Phil’s job while training takes place?  How do you know the new guy understands everything being taught to him?  Training programs on video or interactive CD-ROM create a standardized singular message that we create with you. Develop a consistent message with a basic level of understanding for all of your staff. Then add built-in quizzes to test the viewer, document and evaluate their responses, and make sure they’re ready to do the job effectively and properly. We’ll help you develop the script by clarifying and simplifying your message to its core elements.  Clark Productions will work with you to present your training materials precisely as you want them delivered.  Using video production and graphics creation, your information comes to life on videotape, interactive CD, DVD, or on the web. Record your process as a whole or in specific step-by-step pieces. We’ll help you create a non-boring, consistent, effective training source that compliments your business.  This will ensure that all of your employees are following your instructions, executing your plans, and achieving your goals.

Events – From time to time, you have an employee gathering or special business event that you want to capture and keep for future reference.  Sales seminars, new product training, guest speaker forum; big or small – Clark Productions, along with our partners at Conference Archives, can record your event, and replicate it for tape, DVD or even the web.  Need to edit a special press release package version for the news media?  We’ll do that, too.

Posters & Flyers – If you’ve been to a trade show or convention, you know there’s nothing worse than a boring or outdated flyer/brochure.  But sometimes, video or CDs aren’t the right sales tool for the event.  Let us create dynamic visuals using digital photography or other graphic elements and your target audience will never let go. 

Photography – Of course there are differences between still and moving images.  But there are plenty of times that you need them to work hand-in-hand with each other.  We know how to make that happen.  With time-saving efficiencies born of technology, we offer you high-resolution digital photography ready to use for a multitude of purposes. 

Media Delivery – Because a majority of the products we create are developed in the digital realm, we are able to offer a myriad of media delivery options for any number of functions.  Still images can be reproduced in print or digital format for the web.  Audio and video can be reproduced on tape, mini-CD, CD, interactive CD-ROM, DVD, interactive DVD-ROM, and again, in digital formats such as Macromedia Flash, Quick-Time or Windows Media for web-streaming.  We’ve also helped customers in the development of websites and kiosks.  Take your message to your audience without worrying over the technical details.

KiosksOur kiosks are an exciting way to inform, entertain, and gather information.

They can be easily linked to the Internet or your intranet for the ultimate combination of full motion video and dynamic, timely information.